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How to choose a high-quality native Russian teacher, as recommended by other students?

How to get fast results in learning Russian without paying too much?

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with qualified and experienced native Russian teachers at the Russian language school “Enjoy Russian”!

Our advantages


The EnjoyRussian school has been offering Russian language classes since 2004.


Our Russian teachers are graduates of honored Russian universities and have enormous experience in teaching the Russian language to foreign students.


We guarantee rapid progress in learning Russian with us.


All of our teachers speak a second language (English, Chinese, German, Finnish, Greek, Italian), o you will be able to focus on nothing else but your Russian studies.


Our experienced teachers can work with kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. Russian is available for everybody.


You can choose any Online course you are interested in (Russian literature, grammar, business, tourism etc).


Take more hours and pay less. The lowest fee is 15 euros for a class with a professional teacher.


Apply for Online Russian course and get a free 20-minute trial by Skype.


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It is easy and effective to learn Russian Online:

All you need is:

  • Internet access,
  • webcam,
  • microphone,
  • Skype installed on any device.

The content of each class

is individually designed according to your needs. It usually includes:

  • lots of listening and speaking practice,
  • working with new vocabulary,
  • grammar explanations.

How the class goes:

  • you receive professional study materials,
  • do communicative exercises during the lesson,
  • get answers to all of your questions from your teacher,
  • do homework to practice what you’ve learned.

How it works:

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Our Russian teachers


Olga Yeliseeva


Alina Aleshina


Evgenia Laverycheva


Olga Yartseva


Natalia Kazakova


5 hours is a great start

5 hours is a great start with Russian: you will learn 50 Russian words, how to talk about yourself in Russian and understand simple phrases.

5 hours

The fee is 17 euro. The total fee is 85 euro.

10 hours is good

10 hours is for you to understand better the Russian language system and grammar, and increase your vocabulary up to 100-150 words and phrases.

10 hours

The fee is 16 euro. The total fee is 160 euro.

15 hours is Awesome

15 hours is a great amount of time. You’ll be able to talk about your daily routine, your likes and dislikes, better understand what Russian people say to you.

15 hours

The fee is 15 euro. The total fee is 225 euro.

How does it work? (FAQ)

1. Can online lessons be as effective as offline learning?

Definitely! Online lessons are as effective as individual lessons in a real classroom. Nothing changes: you and your teacher can see and hear each other, the teacher gives you instructions, explains the new material and grammar rules, corrects your mistakes when you speak, gives you homework – everything’s the same as in offline learning.

2. I don't know what level I have and what I need to learn next. Will the teacher lead me?

Of course. Firstly you will take a test that will help your teacher evaluate your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. During the 20-minute free trial lesson your teacher will speak to you in Russian to understand your level of speaking. Then your teacher will create an individual study plan for you: grammar and vocabulary that you’re going to learn in each class, conversational topics that you are going to cover. You can always discuss the plan with your teacher and change it if you want.

3. Is it only speaking?

No, online lessons by skype are not only about speaking. Of course speaking and listening are the most important aspects for a daily communication in Russian. But in every lesson you’re also given some time to practice the grammar, to read texts and dialogues, to write essays (as your hometask), so all the language aspects are developed in the course.

5. Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. No matter how many hours of Online lessons you had, you will receive our school’s official certificate, which will be sent to you by post.

4. What study materials are used?

Firstly, textbooks. The teacher picks the right textbook according to the student’s needs and aims. It helps to structure the study process, and let the student know where he is going to. Secondly, the online learning format lets the teacher involve lots of extra materials: videos, articles, online dictionaries and etc. It makes learning of Russian more interesting and fun.

6. I am a beginner. Can I start studying Russian online from 0 level?

Yes! Don’t worry, if you don’t know a word in Russian. You will start with learning the alphabet. Our teachers can speak in different languages (English, Chinese, Finnish, Italian, Greek, German and etc.), so, you won’t feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Your teacher will slowly switch to Russian when you are ready.

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